About this template: An Internal Wiki to lay out everything anyone needs to know about Growth Defi.

GrowthDeFi provides an advanced suite of products to blockchain protocols and investors, helping to increase their capital efficiency.

GrowthDefi is counted among the ranks of some of DeFi’s most secure and trusted protocols. GrowthDeFi's collateral structure has been audited by the team behind MetaMask—top-tier firm ConsenSys Diligence—who also audited major projects such as AAVE, Uniswap, 1inch, and more.

Why Invest with GrowthDeFi?

We have created secure, sustainable DeFi platforms and products that maximize user yields. This includes single-asset staking, incentivized liquidity provision, and an innovative lending/borrowing platform that allows users to leverage yield-earning tokens.

We have developed a wide range of DeFi products for a variety of blockchains, including IOST, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche.

We bring new products and strategies to our ecosystem as the DeFi world changes. Our platform is flexible and adaptable, which means we can follow optimal opportunities—regardless of the platform or chain.

Security is our top priority. Our V1 strategy contracts have been audited by top-tier firm ConsenSys Diligence. We also use tried and field-tested contracts that have proven over time to be secure. These contracts are publicly available for review.

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